What are Whimsy Chameleons?

In an alternate universe, Chameleons dominate the streets. These sprightly little mischiefs are always looking for trouble and are best known to flaunt their color-changing abilities. They come in a whimsical range of colors from galactic hues to metallic golds. They have a penchant for partying and embarking on crazy adventures!

It is a collection of 3000 1st generation WhimsyChameleons. Now, we've released the 2nd generation of 5000 unique avatars for you to collect and enjoy the many perks that come with it

The eyeballs are available in every colour of the rainbow.
Their tongue is twice the size of their body and extremely sticky.
They can also breathe fire, did I mention that?

Grow your NFT art collection with this cute WhimsyChameleon


We’ve broken down our goals into phases

Rarity Snipe

We've rank each item based on background, skins, clothes, eyes, mouths and headgears. This adds value to your avatar and bragging rights.


The Specs

Each Chameleon is unique and is generated from over 700+ possible traits and features. All reptiles are awesome in their own design, but some are rarer and epic than others. Can you collect them all?

We are using the token standard ERC-721 and housed on the Polygon block-chain. Each WhimsyChameleon avatars cost 12 Matic